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May 2014 Archives

New Hampshire trial on criminal charges in student death

The 31-year-old man of Westborough, Massachusetts, once aspired to be a police officer. He now faces multiple felony charges, including first- and second-degree murder of a young female college student in his Dover, New Hampshire, apartment.

Teacher gets plea deal in sexual assault case involving student

High school teachers are sometimes so close in age with their students that the student-teacher relationship often crosses a line into friendship. When that friendship starts to grow stronger, there are sometimes intense feelings that occur. One 29-year-old teacher recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an inappropriate relationship he had with one of the students at Stevens High School. New Hampshire residents might like to know how the case was resolved.

New Hampshire nurse receives a sentence for theft charges

What happens when someone does something that others say is blatant theft? In the absence of irrefutable proof, it's up to America's courts to decide, and many times the lawyers representing either side can hold the most sway over the outcome. A recent case involving a nurse from Raymond, New Hampshire, highlights the importance of building a case for both the prosecutor's table and the defense team's table.

New Hampshire bill to require limited licenses for drunk drivers

Individuals who are convicted of drunk driving in New Hampshire face stiff penalties, even when an incident represents a first conviction. A bill considered by the state legislature in May would require individuals with criminal convictions on first-time drunk driving charges to apply for limited licenses if they wanted to drive to work, school or other essential locations.

Pregnancy may increase risk of a car accident

According to a new study, pregnancy may have a significant impact on the risks of being involved in a car accident. The study says the biggest risk is during the second trimester of pregnancy, when a woman's likelihood of being involved in a car accident is as high as that for an individual with sleep apnea.

2 arrested in New Hampshire prostitution, drug sting

Commit one crime and you will most likely be involved in another. That is what New Hampshire Police found recently when they arrested two individuals allegedly involved in prostitution activity at a Doubletree Hotel on Beaver St. in Milford.

Teacher suffers from accusations, drug charges

Being accused of a drug charge can make it difficult for you to keep your job and may hurt your social life. When you face drug charges like this woman, it can be hard to defend yourself. She is her only defense witness, so much of her defense will rely on people believing her story.

Drug and other charges for a New Hampshire man

Last Thursday during a Massachusetts prostitution investigation, a Concord, New Hampshire man was arrested on drug charges. According to the Milford, Massachusetts, police department, officers responded to a Milford Inn at about 5:30 p.m. where they arrested one Massachusetts woman on prostitution and drug offenses and one New Hampshire man.

New Hampshire women arrested after argument over medication

Arguments over property can often lead to situations that involve assault or other charges. Two New Hampshire women are facing theft and property crimes charges, including charges for armed robbery, after a dispute over the ownership of a backpack that contained some medication.

Car accident the result of suicide attempt

New Hampshire residents know that accidents occur on the roads. In most cases, car accidents are just that: accidents. Though many accidents can be avoided through more diligent driving and vehicle operation, very rarely an accident is caused on purpose. One man told police he was depressed and was trying to kill himself when he caused a fatal car accident.

Worker's compensation face new drug obstacle in New Hampshire

Several bills are popping up in the New Hampshire Legislature targeted for fair labor laws. Some of these affect how worker's compensation patients will be treated for pain. State lawmakers are currently debating the new opioid drug, Zohydro. The medication, a strong formula similar to hydrocodone, has been routinely prescribed by physicians for patients in constant pain. It differs from Vicodin in that it is straight pain relief, uncut with ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

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