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April 2014 Archives

Police hold event to help prevent underage DUI

Police in New Hampshire are trying to prevent underage DUI arrests from occurring through a unique kind of education campaign. Rather than simply increasing patrols and arresting more teenagers on allegations of underage DUI, they are holding mock drunk driving crash presentations to illuminate the realities and dangers associated with combining alcohol and driving. These mock events can be stirring and emotional for those who witness them.

Salem, New Hampshire, man faces drunk driving charges

A possible drunk driving crash investigation could mean serious, life-changing DUI charges for a Salem, New Hampshire, resident. The accident occurred just after 2 a.m. on Easter Sunday on Interstate 93 near the intersection of I-93 and I-293, according to police reports. The police claim the 26-year-old man was drunk when he crashed into another vehicle on I-93. The crash caused injuries to both the driver and the passenger of the other car.

For now, adultery is still a crime in New Hampshire

There are many reasons why individuals in New Hampshire might face criminal court proceedings. Most people never think of adultery when considering criminal defense needs. However, according to state law, adultery by a spouse in an opposite-sex marriage is a punishable criminal offense. One New Hampshire lawmaker has moved to make a change to that law through a bill. It has been sent from the Senate to the governor's desk.

Theft and drug charges for registered nurse

Many New Hampshire residents think of things like trafficking and illegal substances when they hear about drug crimes. A nurse in another state was recently convicted on drug charges that stemmed from stealing drug supplies from medical facilities. According to reports, the defendant began stealing drugs shortly after becoming a registered nurse.

Ex-police officer must mount criminal defense in assault case

A high speed chase in New Hampshire's neighboring state of Massachusetts on Interstate 93 resulted in an arrest. As the handcuffed man was sitting on the ground, a now-former police officer from Salem, Massachusetts, allegedly assaulted him, stepping on his hands and hitting him in the head with a flashlight.

New Hampshire brewery worker killed by exploding beer keg

Sometimes when a person is injured or killed at work in New Hampshire, it can be hard to determine who is actually at fault. At any job, people handle a variety of materials and work in different environments, some of which may be defective or unsafe. When someone dies or becomes injured on the job, more than one party can sometimes be held responsible.

Felony drug charges for New Hampshire couple found with heroin

Recently, a tragic scene played out in a Vermont hotel when police arrested an unmarried New Hampshire couple on felony drug charges. According to Hartford police officials, they were called to Vermont's White River Inn and Suites after a number of guests reported that a powerful odor of marijuana was wafting down the hallway. Two of the responding police officers claimed that the marijuana seemed to be emanating from the female who answered the hotel room door.

New Hampshire man arrested in assault case

A New Hampshire man is being held pending $25,000 bail after being arrested in connection with an alleged assault. According to reports, the man is being charged with felony reckless conduct, second-degree assault, simple assault with bodily injury, obstructing a crime report, disobeying a police officer, driving after revocation and criminal mischief. Whether a case involves one charge or many, as in this instance, a strong criminal defense beginning with the first charge is important. Defense attorneys can help a defendant understand possible plea situations and how evidence or witness testimony could impact the outcome of a case.

2 Rochester, New Hampshire, shoplifters arrested

Although there are certainly varying degrees of crimes, and those degrees usually correlate with how serious potential consequences may be, no charge should be taken lightly. Theft and property crimes range from small-value shoplifting cases to high-dollar fraud rings, but any person accused of theft should take time to consider legal and defense options. When facing shoplifting charges, you don't want to end up spending months or years in prison over a small item.

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