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Police charge man with felonies for helping minors with robbery

Criminal liability in New Hampshire can be based on an alleged criminal actor's activities in directing the criminal behavior of other persons. This may be a particularly apt crime for authorities to charge when they assert that an adult has managed and/or directed or supported the criminal activities of minors. The issue is relevant in the recent arrest of a 45-year-old Concord man who the police say is responsible for the felonies of armed robbery and sale of a controlled drug.

Authorities also charged the man with other offenses, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The charges involve an armed robbery of a gas station on Oct. 21 that was carried out by two masked men, according to police. The police say that one of the men used a handgun to demand the money from the cash register. They then reportedly fled with the money and cigarettes.

Common questions about workplace injuries in New Hampshire

Getting an injury on the job can be something simple that keeps you out of work for a day or two, or it can be something much more serious that leads to lost wages and many weeks off work. If you have had a personal injury on the job that has had a negative impact on your well-being and your financial security, it may be time to do some research about possible ways you can recoup your losses.

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding workplace injuries in New Hampshire. If you need more information, you may wish to consult with an attorney who handles workplace injury cases.

Workers' compensation disputes often occur in head trauma claims

When a worker is injured at work in New Hampshire, the first and primary layer of coverage for those injuries is workers' compensation insurance. One of the most difficult types of workplace injuries for a worker to suffer is a head injury. Such injuries are sometimes elusive for medical providers to diagnose accurately, and as a result, head injuries can often be the subject of a contested workers' compensation claim.

A typical work-related head injury occurred in another state recently when a construction worker fell off of 30 feet of scaffolding while working on a job site. Responders reported that the man was on the 13th floor of the building when he fell. The man worked for an asbestos abatement company. The precise degree and nature of the head injury was not reported, but the injured worker was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

Cyclists injured in motorcycle accidents may recover damages

Operators of motorcycles tend to have bad luck when it comes to getting involved in vehicular accidents in New Hampshire. The state has a relatively high percentage of motorcycle operators in comparison to some of the more densely populated states. In addition, motorcycle accidents often occur without any fault on the part of the motorcyclist. Whenever a motorcycle operator is injured through the negligence of another driver, the injured person will have a claim for personal injury damages just as any other vehicle driver.

Sometimes, a motorcycle operator may have the extra bad luck of being hit by another driver who is more than merely negligent. The wrongdoer may be drunk driving, along with operating recklessly and in a wanton manner. That seemed to be what happened recently in Manchester when the operator of a car hit a motorcycle on Candia Road and sped off. The operator stopped some blocks away, and got out of his car and urinated, prior to being arrested.

Tips for keeping elderly loved ones safe in winter

Winter affects people young and old in similar and different ways. For example, the shorter hours of sunlight can mean a loss of energy across all age ranges, but a slip and fall on ice can affect an older person more than a younger person. Older people's bodies are more fragile and may take longer to recover.

The fact is that older people can be especially susceptible to tripping, slipping and falling as well as to conditions such as hypothermia, depression and social isolation in winter. Here are some ways you can keep your loved ones safe.

Car accidents with police car follow general rules for recovery

Vehicular accidents in New Hampshire sometimes include police officers as participants. If the officer is injured due to the negligence of a private party, he or she will have the right, just like any other victim, to assert a claim for personal injury damages against the negligent driver. Such car accidents, however, do generally first have to account for the potential workers' compensation claims of the injured officer.

When someone is injured in a vehicular accident while performing work duties, the injured worker must first apply for workers' compensation benefits. This would be done to obtain payment of all medical bills and to get partial repayment of lost wages under the compensation formulae set by state regulations. The injured worker may also then assert a claim for all damages suffered over and above what is provided by the workers' compensation laws, including pain and suffering, which can add substantially to such a recovery.

Bill seeks to strengthen criminal defense to unjust prosecution

A bill filed in the New Hampshire House for 2018 requires courts to inform juries in criminal cases of their right to return a not guilty verdict when a guilty verdict would cause an unfair, unjust result. HB1443, which would be a significant expansion of criminal defense rights,  has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. The 2018 session will begin on Jan. 3.

The legal concept behind the bill is known as jury nullification. The current law instructs the court to tell defense attorneys that they may inform the jury that it has the right to judge the facts and the application of the law in relation to the facts in controversy. That is a restrictive formula that keeps the jury within a certain definitive boundary line.

Police: Woman committed felonies by taking frequent flyer points

In New Hampshire, is the theft of frequent flier points from one's former employer a provable criminal act? The Manchester Police would answer affirmatively based on their arrest of a 36-year-old woman for felonies involving her alleged taking of two million airline points from her former employer. The authorities say that the value of the points equates to $300,000.

The precise details of how the accused may have carried out the alleged theft are not reported. In some way or another, she allegedly ended up with two million points that belonged to the employer. Authorities recently charged the Manchester woman with theft by unauthorized taking and other related offenses.

Motorcycle accidents will be reduced by following safety rules

Both the joys and dangers of riding motorcycles out on the open roads of New Hampshire are about equally important. Despite the feelings of euphoria that come from that sense of freedom and total release, there are unavoidable dangers that the motorcyclist must always keep in mind. Motorcycle accidents are on the rise, and the reasons are pretty well-known by this point.

The problem is that motorcycles are diminutive when out on the highway. It is established fact that they can be easily overlooked by oblivious operators of cars and trucks. If the cyclist is floating on dreams and imaginative adventures, he or she will more easily miss the oncoming car or truck. The dilemma is there, and it is highly recommended that the motorcyclist resolve it by paying strict attention to the roadway at all times.

Car accidents continue to take their toll in New Hampshire

Another serious one-car accident occurred in New Hampshire last week as two women were seriously injured when their vehicle crashed into a utility pole. The incident occurred in Brentwood at about 5:15 p.m., according to a police spokesperson. The cause of the accident was not reported, but the police stated that they are continuing to investigate. In many car accidents, the police cannot immediately report on the cause prior to the analysis of forensic evidence and blood reports.

Police indicated that they ordered toxicology tests in order to rule out any impairment. Police stated that they were not currently bringing charges against the 69-year-old driver. The driver and her 77-year-old female passenger, both from Haverhill, were taken to Exeter Hospital and hospitalized with severe injuries. The authorities did not disclose the nature of those injuries.

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