Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Workers' compensation is a system that balances two needs:

  • Employers' need to be free from employee lawsuits
  • Employees' need for support when they are injured

Because the system balances opposing interests, neither side sees workers' comp as perfect. But it remains the best chance injured workers have of being compensated when they are injured on the job, providing for medical, a portion of your wages while you are unable to work, and training for a different kind of work in case your injury is permanent. In short, workers' compensation protects workers from losing hope during even extended periods of recovery.

Work Injury Lawyer Standing Up For Injured Workers

There are two general classes of injury covered by workers' comp:

  1. Those that occur in a momentary accident, like a vehicle crash, or a falling object, or an injury from a staple gun
  2. Those that develop over a longer period of time, like carpal tunnel syndrome or a debilitating lung condition

Many of these conditions are listed specifically. If they are not specifically listed, that does not mean you cannot be compensated for them. If you live in the Rochester/Dover area and are injured on the job, call us at 603-841-3080 to find out.

Workers' compensation is always in flux. One change underway now is the recognition that mental illnesses like high anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder can be job-caused, and therefore compensable. But this area is far from settled, and must be advanced one case at a time.

At The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates, our workers' compensation practice has helped many hundreds of workers with the reassurance that an on-the-job injury does not spell doom. In cases of serious, catastrophic injury, we help workers to claim permanent disability status, obtaining maximum benefit from the system.

Effective Workers' Compensation Lawyer Gregory D. Robbins

In some cases, we mix our workers' comp work with our personal injury practice. If you are driving a truck for one company and a driver from another company crashes into you, we can file one level of claims with workers' comp, and seek an additional and higher level of compensation in a civil suit. This is called third-party liability — compensation for work occurring on the job, but caused by a party other than your employer.

Representing The Injured Across Southeastern New Hampshire

Workers' compensation is a complex body of law that can't be explained on one page. But if you've been injured on the job, call Gregory D. Robbins to describe your situation. Our firm will explain the options available to you, and a legal pathway to the compensation you deserve.

When you are injured on the job, seek counsel with experience and empathy. Call attorney Gregory D. Robbins at The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates in Rochester, New Hampshire, at 603-841-3080, or email our attorneys using this online form.