Workers Comp & SSDI Results

$100,000 and SSDI Award

Our client was hit head on by a distracted driver. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance and suffered a concussion and exacerbation of prior neck and back injuries. He was later hospitalized again for an episode with amnesia resulting from post-concussive syndrome. Once the case was presented to the opposing insurance carrier, policy limits were tendered immediately. Also, at the time of the accident he had already filed an application for Social Security Disability that had been denied. We also assisted the client with the SSDI appeal, won the appeal, and secured monthly disability benefits for the client.

$60,000 and $13,829.76

Our client was working as a delivery driver when he fell exiting a place of business after making a delivery. He suffered a fractured ankle and was out of work for approximately 12 weeks. We represented this man in his worker's compensation case and the personal injury case. In addition to settling the personal injury case we were able to secure a permanent impairment award.

$50,000, $138,500, $425,000, and SSDI Award

Our client was rear-ended while driving a company vehicle. He suffered a neck injury that eventually lead to surgery and exacerbated prior knee and back injuries as well as an anxiety disorder. A nerve was damaged during neck surgery that also led to problems in the client's throat. He has been unable to return to work. We were able to recover policy limits from the negligent driver's insurance, recover under-insured benefits through his employer's vehicle insurance carrier, settle the worker's compensation case, and secure ongoing SSDI benefits for our client.

$62,500 and $30,847.60

Our client was at work and attempting to push a bin that had become stuck when he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon. He underwent immediate emergency surgery and suffered post-operative complications, including a serious infection. We were able to settle his worker's compensation case and obtain a permanent impairment award. He has been unable to return to work and we are assisting him in his efforts to secure Social Security Disability as well as reducing his child support obligation.