When Is A Personal Injury Lawyer Necessary?

There are times when you need a lawyer, and times when you don't. Generally, people can resolve property damage themselves, working directly with their insurance company.

Very minor medical problems like a bump on the head — injuries that do not cause major disruption or expense in your life — usually do not rise to the level of a civil suit. If you hired a lawyer because of a scratch, it would cost you more than you might receive.

But — when your injury is serious enough that you incur significant medical expense, or you can't report to work, or the injury proved to be very upsetting — then it's time to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer.

On your own, unless you are unusually talented and knowledgeable, you will not be able to persuade insurance company lawyers to pay you the full costs of your injury. They will offer you a dime on the dollar, and you will accept, the alternative being nothing.

But an experienced lawyer has gone up against these opposing lawyers many times. He or she knows how the law works, and knows how the game is played.

Know The Statute Of Limitations!

If you decide to litigate an injury done to you, you must do it within three years, by New Hampshire law. This limit applies to wrongful death actions as well.

Bear in mind that insurance companies, who all brag in their advertisements about how much they care about your well-being, do not want to write you a check of any size. They will lowball you and dismiss your injuries as trivial.

Why And When To Hire An Experienced Attorney

If insurance companies kept their word and paid out what they promised, there would be no need for lawyers. It is because of insurance company tactics that you need an attorney of your own, representing your interests.

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