Extreme Injuries Are Classified As Catastrophic

You often hear lawyers talking about "catastrophic" injuries. These are injuries from which complete recovery is not possible. These injuries can occur in violent car accidents or in shocking premises liability cases, in a store or other business location.

Definition Of What Makes An Injury Catastrophic

Catastrophic injuries include amputations, paralysis, severe burns, brain damage, permanent loss of vision — any condition serious enough to keep you from resuming normal life. Settlements and awards for these injuries make headlines.

We are a catastrophic and noncatastrophic injury law firm. We do represent people with catastrophic injuries, and we have a track record of winning. We also file claims in the event of wrongful death due to negligence. These cases are actually more common than catastrophic injury cases.

But the truth is, most of our clients are not catastrophically injured. The typical case for injured people in and around Strafford County is for injuries that keep a person from working for a period of time, and incur sudden medical expenses.

Broken or crushed bones, concussions, strains and sprains, minor burns or lacerations — these are the typical injuries most of our clients experience. They are quite serious in their way, and financial recovery is just as important as for victims of catastrophic injuries.

Our attorneys are known throughout the region, and respected both by the courts and opposing insurance company lawyers and adjusters. They know we are committed to your present and future well-being. They know we will not rest until you are rightfully compensated.

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