Injured On The Road

Cars are made safer than ever today, but many people are still injured on our streets and highways.

Effective And In-Depth Skills For Seeking Maximum Compensation

At The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates, we represent people injured in just about every kind of highway incident:

Using Our Resources To Investigate The Facts Of Your Accident

Many times, accidents are catastrophic; injuries are so severe that the injured person is permanently disabled. Too often, accidents result in fatalities, either immediately or after a period of struggle. When this happens, we file wrongful death suits to compensate for the loss of a helpmate or breadwinner.

If an accident occurs because of another driver's negligence (not paying attention, speeding, driving drunk, etc.), we file a lawsuit against that driver's insurer. If an accident occurs because of mechanical failure (brakes, tires, lights, etc.), we can file a defective product lawsuit against the manufacturer or service entity.

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