Prenuptial And Antenuptial Agreement Attorney For Rochester Couples

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two persons explaining how their marriage will work, and what is expected from each partner. Couples look to "prenups" as a way to resolve issues, many of them financial, before they marry and the issues become disputes.

Prenuptial Agreement Questions To Ask

Prenuptial agreements address such questions as:

  • What are each party's current assets and debts?
  • Will these assets and debts be kept separate from the marriage?
  • Will assets of the new marriage belong to children from previous marriages?
  • Are both parties expected to work?
  • Who will be responsible for paying bills and taxes?
  • How will household money management work?

Premarital Agreement Lawyer Serving Strafford County Couples

Family lawyer of The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates has helped scores of couples to address these challenging questions at the beginning of their legal relationship. Prenuptial agreements surface and address sensitive issues that the relationship will face — before they become destructive.

Prenups are also useful when relationships falter, providing an easy-to-follow roadmap through divorce. Though they are not considered binding, they are usually accepted in divorce proceedings as evidence that both parties entered into the relationship willingly and with both sets of eyes open.

Approachable Rochester Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Laurie A. Lacoste

The more you bring to a relationship in assets, and the more successful you are as a couple during the relationship, the wiser a prenuptial agreement becomes.

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