When Marriage Comes To An End

Contested And Complex Divorce Attorney Laurie A. Lacoste

A divorce is a process in which a marriage contract is brought to an end. It clarifies many everyday issues that must be resolved before people can go forward:

  • What happens to the property you have accumulated together?
  • What happens to the children (parenting and visitation)?
  • How will the two partners survive financially following the divorce?

When certain dangerous conditions overshadow your divorce, you will want to emphatically assert your interests. You want to hire a very skilled lawyer when:

  • Your spouse hires a lawyer. If you know your spouse is going to come at you forcefully, you have little choice except to fight back. If items of great value are at stake — your children, your home, a family business — you will need a very good attorney.
  • There has been abuse in the marriage. Any abuse is a red flag: against you or your children, substance abuse or sexual abuse. You need a strong lawyer to stand between you and your abuser.

Laurie Lacoste has been easing clients out of the stress of divorce for more than 11 years.

When a couple's financial situation is complex, involving a family business or other significant assets, you need the services of a lawyer experienced in high-end property division and complex divorce.

Two Approaches To Divorce Litigation

The preceding are conditions of a hotly contested divorce, and they are not uncommon. More common is the conventionally contested divorce, in which the partners are able to speak with one another, but still have important issues to resolve. These divorces can be handled whether in the courtroom or in divorce mediation, a lower-key way of resolving disputes in divorce.

If there are no significant unresolved issues between you and your spouse, you can divorce without great cost or controversy.

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