Parenting Plans Both Sides Can Live With

Custody Decisions Are Now Described As Parenting Decisions

A critical part of the divorce process is resolving questions of where the children go. New Hampshire has set aside the phrase child custody in favor of a more balanced parenting plan approach.

The Parental Rights and Responsibilities statute helps create parenting plans that maintain parental involvement in children's lives, unless that involvement will be detrimental to the child. Joint decision-making means that parents should be involved in deciding day-to-day issues, and especially in the big issues such as visitation, choice of schools, religious affiliation and significant medical treatment.

If the court believes it is in the child's best interest to step in and designate one parent for sole decision-making responsibility, it may still do so. These are cases in which it is important to have a lawyer you can trust with this critical matter.

Child Support Principles For New Hampshire

Both New Hampshire parents are obliged to provide financial support in the raising of their children following divorce. The court uses an established formula to determine the amount of child support to be paid. It is important to provide the right numbers with your financial information, so that judges understand your full financial picture. A good lawyer is indispensable in providing comprehensive information.

The court will issue orders requiring one parent to pay support money to the other parent. The paying parent is the obligor and the parent receiving the money is the obligee.

It is an important principle that support for children from a first marriage or family not be inferior to the standard of living of families that come later.

Effective Strafford County Parenting Plan Attorneys

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