Family Law Results

Guardianship - Successfully litigated the termination of Guardianship of minor child over the objection of Guardians who alleged mother was unfit due to mental illness after mother consented to Guardianship due to need for substitution of parental care after mother became temporarily unable to care for child due to brief illness.

Custody - Obtained Emergency Court Order awarding client sole residential responsibility and decision making for parties' young children in case of mother's blatant violation of Court Order and parental kidnapping of children. Assisted client with notifying authorities to locate children and return them safely to their father. Obtained Final Order awarding sole residential responsibility and decision making for children until mother petitions the Court and proves to court she is drug free through hair follicle drug testing.

Guardianship - Successfully obtained Court Order appointing Grandmother permanent Guardian over minor child who suffered neglect due to parents' continued drug use and abuse while child was in parents' custody. Obtained court order requiring that parents have supervised visitation with child, and proof that parents are drug free through hair follicle drug testing prior to petitioning the Court for termination of Guardianship.

Custody - Obtained Emergency Order awarding father sole custody of 4 year old daughter due to allegations of mother's severe abuse of child.

Trust Dispute - Successfully counseled client regarding her rights as beneficiary of a Family Trust and worked with client and Trustee to negotiate a favorable result regarding settlement of the dispute between siblings regarding administration of the Trust and distribution of the Trust to the beneficiaries.