What Our Past Clients Are Saying

"Very professional yet quite personable. The service we requested was completed flawlessly and in a timely manner."
NL, Rochester

"Attorney Brown was professional and also kind. He was always willing to listen. Tough, fair, smart and kind."
KL, California

"Everyone is kind and friendly and really took the time and interest in my case and concerns."
EH, Maine

"What looked like an impossible situation, attorney Brown made it so much easier without making me feel bad. He allowed me my integrity through the process."
CG, Maine

"Courteous, ethical, helpful, reliable and satisfying."
CB, Rochester

I've been completely satisfied with this firm and I like the attorneys. They did a great job for me and I'd recommend them to anyone."
MG, Portsmouth

The entire team was extremely courteous, understanding, efficient and compassionate. There was professionalism portrayed by all."
EW, Shelburne

"This law firm gives you honest and clear expectations. I never received a sugarcoated answer. All questions were answered honestly."
AF, Massachusetts

"Friendly, informative and has the client's best interest in mind."
AR, Florida

"Lawyer's promptness, courtesy and devotion really impressed me. They had great concern for me as a person. They have my complete trust."
FH, Rochester

"Very comfortable atmosphere. Welcoming and friendly."
JL, Milton

"The professionalism and diligent effort were outstanding. The family-like atmosphere was very comforting during a difficult time. The willingness to work with us was very much appreciated."
BC, New Durham

"Excellent. I was treated with dignity and respect from everyone I dealt with. I am so thankful that I chose this firm for my case. My words could ever express my gratitude."
CC, Rochester

"Always courteous, friendly, available and a great sense of humor! I really felt that you were compassionate and understanding; particularly with my run-in with the law. You made what was a horrible situation go away. You guys are "the fixers!"
LK, New York

"Our attorney and paralegal were easy to work with. Very accommodating and really had it together. The staff at this office is top-notch. They know what they are doing."
DH, Portsmouth

"I really appreciated your honesty and humanization of the legal process. Your knowledge of the law and how the system works is excellent."
AG, Mansfield

"From the minute I entered my attorney's office, I felt I was in good hands. He was very genuine. I felt very confident in his professional manner and his honesty with me about my case."
EF, Lebanon

"I found Brown Law to be competent and experienced, attention to detail and respectful to both parties in the litigation."
RS, Rochester

"Down to earth and straight to the point."
MEM, Rochester

"Very professional. We felt we were in competent hands during the entire process."
DJ, Worcester

"From the very first time I met with attorney Brown as well as the firm's staff, I knew I had made the most absolute intelligent decision I could have possibly made with regard to my personal situation. Everyone within the firm treated me with the utmost respect. Attorney Brown had no issue whatsoever with taking all the time it needed to listen and offer his incomparable expertise during my entire legal process. I was informed and kept up to date constantly on a regular basis and I never had to worry about what the next step was. Attorney Brown had set my mind at total ease and I never had any doubts along the way, whereas I can guarantee that if I had chosen a different route, there would have been extreme emotional stress and worry. I cannot elaborate enough on how very pleased I am with not only how well my particular case was handled, but also how extremely positive my entire legal ordeal was finalized, thanks to attorney Stephen Brown as well as The Brown Law Firm!
JK, Rochester

"An exceptional firm. Highly recommended."
DC, Gilmanton

"Patient, kind, considerate and understanding."
BP, Rochester

"Attorney Brown and his staff were always available, responsive, caring and respectful. Attorney Brown has a great ability to connect emotionally to the challenges in life."
CH, Barrington

"A+. You did a very good job with my case. Thank you."
MC, Rochester

"Very responsive and would recommend their services to anyone who needs legal assistance. They made us feel they had our son's best interests looked after."
SR, Rochester

"The team was excellent, courteous and professional."
RS, Wakefield

"Your firm is the best. I felt very confident with you."
WG, Barrington

"They did a great job!"
KS, Farmington

"The firm was very compassionate in negotiating a fee that fit my family's budget, yet provided top-notch service with results that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this firm and attorney Brown."
AG, Rochester

"Attorney Brown was professional, courteous, respectful and took the time to get to know me not only as a client, but as a person. The staff was very professional and responded promptly when I needed answers."
WF, Farmington

"Very impressed with the compassion of the lawyer as a person. I was not treated like just another case."
LS, Dover

"Very helpful, professional and patient."
AP, Milton

"A deep understanding of the pressures facing our youth today and a sincere commitment to not have them unduly hurt by mistakes they make."
CP, North Hampton

"They made me feel calm in a very difficult time. I would definitely recommend them."
VR, East Wakefield

"Personable, reliable, thorough. A+"
CR, Barrington

"I was satisfied in every respect."
GN, Milton

"After meeting attorney Brown, we knew I would be in good hands. Attorney Brown's performance and the results of my case were beyond my expectations. I was always treated as a person and just knew I was in the best hands. I cannot express enough gratitude or say enough positive things about attorney Brown and his practice."
JP, Dover

"From our first appointment, I had complete confidence and trust in attorney Brown and felt he had confidence in me. In the 15 years [in my work], I heard a lot of negative comments about attorneys, but my confidence never wavered. In my defense, attorney Brown chose expert referrals, who had exceptional qualifications in their field and he kept them thoroughly informed with all the complicated details related to my case. ... For over a year, his staff worked diligently on my behalf — coordinating endless notes and information. During the trial, attorney Brown kept my wife, family and friends updated.

... My life verse Proverbs 3:5, 6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." I believe God guided us to attorney Brown and is using this course of events for his purpose in our lives. Thank you for this opportunity to share in brief our heartfelt gratitude."
RF, Alton

"Overall provided a true interest, concern and care for my situation. Also provided heartfelt advice, recommendations, professional references and guidance."
SK, Farmington

"I was confident with him and confident that he knew what he was doing, and I was comfortable with him. You guys take the time to listen and treat people like people and don't judge. You also do everything in your power to help in every and any way possible."
SF, Milton

"Trustworthy, honest and prompt"
MG, Farmington

"After being a client once, you will not search for anyone different, you will return to this firm. I was satisfied with everything that you did for me, and the staff was great."
RR, Milton

"It was beyond exceptional to have been treated and spoken to with respect and not viewed as a thug or criminal or judged for being in there for making mistakes. Attorney Brown was absolutely marvelous in this aspect and can't say enough as to how we were treated as decent people."
DP, Berwick

"The best, promptness, courtesy, promptness in all areas of the law. Could not have done this without Gregory Robbins. I will recommend your firm to my friends."
FG, Portsmouth

"Our attorney and staff were nice, courteous, cordial to other party. Work hard to come to a way to work out family issues in a constructive way. "
JF, Dover

"You're very prompt on everything and good attitude. I'll go back again."
MM, Rochester

From the very first meeting we had, you were very honest and sincere. I really believed that you were right upfront and felt very comfortable with retaining your services. You really helped me get through some tough times at this point in my life. I thought you did a fantastic job; same goes for your entire staff. Thank you!"
MG, Rochester

"Steve Brown is very easy to talk to and comes off as very genuine. He was timely and on track. Great staff, great representation."
RS, Strafford

"Very satisfied. Very compassionate and understanding during a difficult time and eager to accommodate my needs to resolve my issue."
LM, Center Ossipee

"Your firm represented me most professionally and obtained a settlement for me that was way beyond expectations. And Greg never oversold it!!"
RS, Dover

"Greg was always there to answer our many questions. He was prompt with his responses and always very professional. Greg was an absolute pleasure to work with."
DR, Sanbornville

"Our attorney is very professional and gives you a sense that she really cares about your case. Our attorney paralegal was also very knowledgeable and always put me at ease when I was getting stressed out. I would highly recommend them. Great team. Thank you!!"
MO, Rochester

"Actually going to your firm was the best piece of advice taken from a close friend! I was well-represented and guided painlessly through the entire process. Without Steve and his entire staff, life could have been much different. Thanks to all!!"
KS, W. Wakefield

"Very well done. I'm very satisfied. Thanks, Greg."
WD, Barrington

"Everything was good. They were able to handle what I needed to get done at a fair price."
LP, Rochester

"Courteous, helpful, kept me well-informed of options, made me feel human!"
WF, Farmington

"(My lawyer's referral) could not get back to me in time. I called my wife and she said a friend had used Steve. I called Steve and we met 15 minutes later. When I pulled into (your) parking lot, (the referral) called. I told him I was with Steve and he said, "Go with Steve, he's a good man."
WM, Strafford

"I absolutely would recommend to everyone based on the results."
PL, Barrington

"Very professional. Excellent for our needs."
MF, Center Barnstead

"Our attorney was so prepared!!! She always had everything ready!! She was so kind as well!!"
SS, Rollinsford

"Very polite, right to the point, complete explanations."
JP, Dover

"Experienced, knowledgeable and caring. Will give you the best results."
MK, Somersworth

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