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Car/truck drivers cause most motorcycle accidents by inattention

Contrary to public perception, most accidents involving motorcycles in New Hampshire and elsewhere are not the fault of the motorcycle operator. A certain perceptual failing exists that makes it difficult for larger vehicles to clearly observe cycles on the road prior to the occurrence of many motorcycle accidents. This may have been at least a partial factor in causing an event that occurred recently at a crosswalk in Laconia.

Statistics show motorcycle accidents usually fault of another

A beautiful afternoon seems to require a motorcycle ride for some New Hampshire enthusiasts. The wind rushing by as one enjoys the fresh air and scenery is just too much to pass up. All appears to be well with the world; however, even while enjoying the day, one needs to keep in mind the potential for motorcycle accidents.

Avert motorcycle accidents: Get training, honor safety rules

In New Hampshire and other states, most motorcycle drivers are generally aware of safety factors and try to follow the right protocols for safety on the roads. However, as a general rule, a majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver of a four-wheel vehicle. Motorcyclists will benefit by keeping this in mind and following certain measures for increased defensive safety.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by negligent car drivers

In New Hampshire, there are many motorcycle enthusiasts who use the more rural roads for enjoyment of their recreational preference.  At the same time, they face a relatively high risk of being involved in motorcycle accidents. This is not because cyclists are negligent or reckless, but because car and truck operators sometimes have difficulty in seeing motorcycles on the roadway. Many motorcycle accidents are therefore not the fault of the cyclist.

More motorcycle accidents occur in the summer

Summer in New Hampshire is breathtaking. After long, often brutal winters, the rising temperatures and clearing skies bring people outdoors ready to shed their winter coats and enjoy the warmth of the sun. For motorcycle enthusiasts, summer often means tuning up the bike and hitting the road. However, despite all its beauty and allure, summer is also the time for an alarming increase in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents often include chain-reaction outcomes

The general rule in New Hampshire and elsewhere is that the tortfeasor, i.e., the wrongdoer, is monetarily liable for all damages that flow directly from his or her negligence. Motorcycle accidents often include bizarre or unforeseen events that may cloud the picture of which participants are in fact partly or fully at fault. That does not mean that the motorcyclist is always part of the cause of such accidents: sometimes the motorcycle operator is a totally innocent victim.

Motorcycle accidents: More unpredictable than other vehicles

In New Hampshire and elsewhere, it may be said that motorcycle mishaps are just a bit more unpredictable and varied than other vehicular accidents. That may be due to the versatility and extra maneuverability of these smaller vehicles, which may allow for a greater variety of outcomes. Generally, the operator is in greater peril on the highway due to being fully exposed, which accounts for serious injuries and deaths in many motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: Car and truck drivers may overlook cycles

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in New Hampshire. There are also far too many vehicular accidents that involve motorcycles. Perhaps contrary to general opinion, many motorcycle accidents are caused by a car or truck operator who is operating his or her vehicle negligently.

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