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20-year-old charged with drunk driving after rollover crash

Following an early morning crash in Madbury, a young man is facing criminal charges. New Hampshire State Police say a 20-year-old man is now facing drunk driving charges. Reportedly, the accident involved only one vehicle, and the driver was the sole occupant of that car.

Drunk driving charge often starts with a traffic violation stop

Most drunk driving arrests are not accompanied by dramatic police pursuits through the streets of a New Hampshire town, although admittedly that kind of aberration is being reported more often in recent months and years. Most drunk driving arrests, however, stem from relatively routine traffic violations. The probable cause to arrest a vehicle operator comes only in the aftermath of a traffic stop, which is usually quite routine at first.

Woman arrested for drunk driving after passing out in car

In New Hampshire, one does not necessarily have to be caught in the process of driving to justify an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. It is possible to be arrested and convicted of drunk driving even if a person is confronted by the police after exiting the vehicle. This rule may even apply if the person is found sleeping in a parked vehicle.

Spring break needn't end with drunk driving charges

New Hampshire students will undoubtedly be among thousands of others in the nation who are gearing up for spring break. Finals are over, a little money's been saved, and everyone is ready for some fun in the sun. Some students choose to stay in the area, visiting local beaches and saving the gas money it would take to travel to another state. Others venture clear across the country. Neither group wants to wind up facing drunk driving charges, however; so, it's best to have a pre-made plan to avoid this types of situation.

Woman accuses man of drunk driving and assault in 911 call

New Hampshire police often receive 911 calls regarding erratic drivers who might be impaired. An officer might be dispatched in an attempt to intercept the driver before anyone gets hurt. If a traffic stop is initiated or an accident occurs, the officer might suspect the individual behind the wheel of drunk driving.

Man is arrested for drunk driving after failing to stop

Each state has its own driving under the influence statute that sets the offenses and prescribes the punishment for violations within the state. New Hampshire, like other states, provides penalties for drunk driving that are progressively increased with the severity of the circumstances. A defense attorney who specializes in DUI defense matters will be familiar with the gradation of offenses and the punishment for each that is set forth in the state's statute.

Drunk driving punishment can get steep after repeated offenses

A man may face serious repercussions from the slew of charges he incurred in recent events on Interstate 93 in New Hampshire. The Peabody man was arrested for drunk driving and other charges after engaging in high speed chases described by the police. They allegedly saw him traveling at rates up to 100 mph in a snow-zone with a reduced rate of 45 mph.

Woman asleep in fast food drive-thru arrested for drunk driving

Driving while intoxicated is not funny and not a joking matter in New Hampshire. Sometimes the circumstances of an arrest for drunk driving are amusing due to the strange or bizarre events surrounding the arrest. That is the case of a 54-year-old woman who was allegedly driving drunk when she pulled into a McDonald's drive-thru. While waiting in line, the woman fell asleep, creating a traffic jam and bringing the police instead of the hamburgers she ordered.

Felony drunk driving may be defended if causation is lacking

Driving while intoxicated is a significant criminal violation in New Hampshire. While a first offense without an accident or personal injury is a misdemeanor that will result in a less severe punishment, the penalties for drunk driving increase as the circumstances become more serious. Furthermore, there are more rigorous sentencing prescriptions for each subsequent violation that a person incurs.

Drunk driving charges escalate to a felony in a death case

The driving while intoxicated laws in New Hampshire are strict and complicated. As with all jurisdictions, the more serious the incident, the higher the penalties and consequences. In addition, repeated drunk driving offenses will increase the penalties.

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