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Drug charges sought against dealer of fentanyl to overdose victim

The New Hampshire Attorney General is seeking a conviction against a purported drug dealer in a fentanyl overdose case that involves an out-of-state dealer and an out-of-state drug transaction. Three others have been charged in the 30-year-old male decedent's overdose death for their alleged roles in obtaining and providing the drug to the victim in this state. The Attorney General states that this is the first pursuit of an out-of-state resident for the drug charges called "drug distribution, death resulting."

Man visiting Pelham homes hit with drug charges re heroin sales

The police in New Hampshire and elsewhere must be meticulous in presenting a logical and convincing flow of evidence in support of a drug arrest. In addition, they must survive any potential challenges to the constitutionality of their practices and procedures during the investigation and arrest process. Defending against drug charges is equally difficult for the accused due to the superior resources usually possessed by the authorities in the typical prosecution.

Tips lead to drug charges for New Hampshire man

Tips and call-ins from neighbors are said to have contributed to the case against one man recently. The New Hampshire man is now facing drug charges after an investigation by local police. Apparently, reports from neighbors and information from his landlord and parole officer also played a role in his arrest. 

Police arrest car occupants for "loitering" and drug charges

Is the mere presence of a vehicle in a parking lot adjoining a public building at 2:55 a.m. enough to give the police reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot and therefore make a stop of the vehicle? The answer will in the end likely depend on all of the details and circumstances surrounding the stop. These issues are certain to come up regarding the recent arrest of four persons for loitering and drug charges under similar circumstances in a New Hampshire town.

Drug charges filed against 2 alleged opioid users in public parks

The public parks in Manchester were the scene for the arrest of two New Hampshire men in two recent separate incidents within 24 hours. In one case, the suspect was allegedly shooting heroin in open view in front of Bronstein Park. A police officer performed a consensual search and reportedly found a hypodermic needle with a substance consistent with heroin. Police arrested the man on drug charges, including possession, an outstanding warrant and a probation violation.

New law drops drug charges for less than .75 ounces of pot

In a matter of weeks, marijuana possession of three-quarters of an ounce or less will be a violation instead of a crime in New Hampshire. There is some consternation among law enforcement agencies regarding the task of distinguishing the weight of the pot possessed for purposes of knowing whether to file drug charges or a violation. Common sense dictates that the only certain way would be for officers in the field to carry weight machines around with them.

Woman asked police for her drugs, is arrested on drug charges

New Hampshire authorities must honor rehabilitative procedures set up by federal law. One recent arrest raises a question regarding the policy of police departments over drugs that are approved and used to treat opioid addiction. It would be improper for the authorities to file drug charges against a person who is taking a regulated drug approved for heroin addiction treatment.

Correctional officer claims duress in face of drug charges

People commit crimes for various reasons. Some may seek personal gain, and others may know no other way of life. However, sometimes a person engages in an illegal act because he or she believes there is no choice, especially if the accused feels the threat of bodily harm. One New Hampshire correctional officer who is facing drug charges says his conduct was due to duress.

Drug charges brought against 3 persons in store parking lot

The police in New Hampshire must be careful in the procedures they use whenever they attempt to search individuals in a public place and to search inside their vehicles. If there is probable cause to make a full search of a vehicle, that is one way to justify it. Another major way that the authorities obtain the right to make a search of person or property is by getting consent from the suspect. Many drug charges occur through the consent authority given by the suspect. 

Police call drug charges against 2 part of Granite Hammer push

New Hampshire has partnered with the FBI to target persons involved in drug trafficking. The familiar name for the enterprise is called the Granite Hammer program. There have been numerous reports of so-called Granite Hammer drug sweeps taking place in the state under the program, which have resulted in a large number of drug charges filed across the state since the program's inception.

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