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Correctional officer claims duress in face of drug charges

People commit crimes for various reasons. Some may seek personal gain, and others may know no other way of life. However, sometimes a person engages in an illegal act because he or she believes there is no choice, especially if the accused feels the threat of bodily harm. One New Hampshire correctional officer who is facing drug charges says his conduct was due to duress.

Drug charges brought against 3 persons in store parking lot

The police in New Hampshire must be careful in the procedures they use whenever they attempt to search individuals in a public place and to search inside their vehicles. If there is probable cause to make a full search of a vehicle, that is one way to justify it. Another major way that the authorities obtain the right to make a search of person or property is by getting consent from the suspect. Many drug charges occur through the consent authority given by the suspect. 

Police call drug charges against 2 part of Granite Hammer push

New Hampshire has partnered with the FBI to target persons involved in drug trafficking. The familiar name for the enterprise is called the Granite Hammer program. There have been numerous reports of so-called Granite Hammer drug sweeps taking place in the state under the program, which have resulted in a large number of drug charges filed across the state since the program's inception.

Drug charges: Deceased infant's parents now face homicide charges

Emergency workers from Concord Fire and Rescue in New Hampshire, along with police, responded to an address in Penacook last August to investigate a report regarding an unresponsive infant found in a trailer. Paramedics rendered emergency care and rushed the baby to a hospital where the 2-month-old boy was declared dead. Following an extensive investigation, the parents of the deceased boy -- who had previously faced drug charges -- were recently arrested on charges of negligent homicide and manslaughter.

Drug charges: Small amount of pot will be decriminalized

New Hampshire is the only state in this region of the country that still provides a criminal penalty for possession of a small amount of marijuana. An offender who is hit with drug charges for marijuana can still get a stiff fine and up to one year of imprisonment on a possession of an ounce or less of pot. However, signs today point to the reversal of that policy due to the approval by both houses of the state legislature for a decriminalization bill.

Drug charges for small amount of pot may be decriminalized

New Hampshire is one of the states with an approved medical marijuana law. In most states, when such laws are experienced over time, the state learns that modifications and amendments to them may be desirable. This state's House of Representatives has passed some bills that will facilitate medical marijuana procedures and other legislation that will decriminalize drug charges for a small amount of marijuana.

Drug charges and child endangerment filed against man

New Hampshire authorities continue to arrest and incarcerate drug suspects for drug possession violations without viewing the matter as a medical addiction needing rehabilitation and drug treatment services. Pelham police and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a 35-year-old man recently on drug charges and removed his 3-year-old child from the home. Authorities also charged the man with endangering the welfare of a child, in addition to possession of heroin, marijuana and prescription pills.

Drug charges escalate to homicide charges in opioid overdoses

New Hampshire has turned to a new training program and to an existing but little-used charge against drug dealers who allegedly cause overdoses that result in death to their customers. The drug charges can carry up to a life sentence. In the current environment of an opioid drug dependence epidemic, police training in this area makes a lot of sense to local law enforcement agencies.

Drug charges may be justified by legal search of woman's purse

If the police in New Hampshire have probable cause to stop and search someone for shoplifting, it is generally the case that anything found in searching the person may be admissible to support an arrest and prosecution on any other crime indicated by the contraband. This comes into play in the case of a 23-year-old woman who was arrested in Walmart recently for shoplifting. When searching her, police allegedly found a needle with heroin and some crack cocaine, resulting in drug charges filed against her.

Shoe department drug sale alleged as a basis for drug charges

A detective who may have been shopping for shoes in a New Hampshire department store allegedly observed a drug transaction between two men. He reports seeing two men exchange cash and drugs inside the store. After the transaction, police reportedly followed and arrested the seller on drug charges after stopping him in his vehicle.

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