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Crossover car accidents are caused by negligent/impaired drivers

Crossover accidents are among the most serious in New Hampshire and nationwide. These types of car accidents can be the most brutal and the most shocking because one of the vehicle operators is usually free of fault. Thus, when a negligent or impaired operator crosses the median or the center line and goes into oncoming traffic, there is not much that the non-negligent victim can do to stop the event from happening.

Operator causing rear-end collision is liable in car accidents

New Hampshire negligence law attributes fault in most instances to a driver who crashes into the rear of another vehicle stopped and stationary at a traffic light.  The driver in rear-end collision car accidents is likely negligent for failing to keep a lookout ahead and for driving too fast for traffic conditions. The driver will be liable for damages sustained by any occupants injured in the vehicle that was rear-ended.

Passengers often suffer the consequences in single car accidents

Many New Hampshire residents may forget that as passengers in a vehicle, they literally put their lives in the hands of the driver. It requires a certain amount of trust that the driver will follow the traffic laws, drive diligently and get their passengers to the destination safely. If that trust is violated, the passengers pay the price in serious injuries or even death in the car accidents that result.

Liability in car accidents is determined by who was negligent

Negligence in New Hampshire and other jurisdictions usually consists of actions that represent a breach of a legal duty owed to others under the circumstances. The duty exists and evolves through the statutory and case law in each state. The negligence, and the breach of the duty owed, is created by engaging in actions that fall below a recognized minimum required standard of care under the circumstances. With respect to car accidents, each new incident must be evaluated by its own facts to determine whether there is a duty owed, and if so, whether a participant's activities were in fact negligent.

Fault in chain-reaction car accidents depends on circumstances

Chain-reaction crashes can sometimes present difficult problems of determining liability, or the percentage of liability, owed by each operator under New Hampshire law. In some car accidents involving chain-reactions, the first operator that causes the chain-reaction will be solely responsible for all ensuing injuries. Each mishap will depend on the facts of negligence occurring in the circumstances.

Drivers owe a duty to their passengers to prevent car accidents

New Hampshire law provides that one who suffers personal injury due to the negligence of another deserves to be compensated for those injuries by the careless tortfeasor. There must generally first be a legal duty owed by the careless person to the injured person to get the benefit of the rule. The rules of negligence generally govern the award of personal injury compensation to victims of car accidents.

Car accidents: Reckless driving may support punitive damages

In New Hampshire, injured victims of a car accident caused by a drunk driver may in some limited instances be able to collect punitive damages. When drunk drivers drive recklessly and with abandon, or in a callous and wanton manner, the injured plaintiff can make a legitimate request for punitive damages from such car accidents. This may not be always granted, but its allowance into the lawsuit should be asserted by the plaintiff's counsel.

Multi-vehicle car accidents require intensive investigations

Vehicular accidents in New Hampshire and other states may cause uncertainty regarding who was at fault. In car accidents involving multiple vehicles, that can be especially true. In a complicated accident with serious injuries, it is important for an injured victim to obtain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. When the cause is in doubt or when liability must be identified and parsed out from between several drivers who may be partly or totally responsible, the attorney will direct an investigation that will obtain all of the accurate facts.

Police reports of car accidents may be important to the claim

It is nearly a universal procedure in New Hampshire and other states for auto accident victims, their attorneys and insurers to obtain copies of police accident reports from the local police department that has jurisdiction. The state Department of Safety recently issued an interpretation of the law that requires all requests for police accident reports to go instead through the state agency. For those wishing to expedite the processing of claims for damages from car accidents, the local police department will generally be a much quicker source than the state agency.

Careless passing causes car accidents on 2-lane roads

New Hampshire has many two-lane roadways, with one lane going in one direction and the other lane going in the opposite direction. These roads are an invitation to disastrous car accidents whenever an operator decides to ignore the safe methods of passing cars in front of him or her. Recently, a woman suffered life-threatening injuries when an operator on State Route 12 tried to pass too many vehicles and could not avoid crashing into the victim's oncoming car, say the authorities.

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